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Travelling with Cigars

Travelling in London

You are not allowed to smoke on any public transport within London, including taxi's and in stations.

It is currently acceptable to smoke in all of the public parks and on the streets of London. Although some hotels provide smoking bedrooms or heated external spaces, most are reducing smoking spaces to comply with changing rules and regulations. If you are a smoker it is increasingly likely that you will have to enjoy your smoke outside! Not to worry though, many of the speciality tobacco stores listed on this site are located near to London's great parks and open spaces.

Places to Visit

Our travel reporter gives his opinions on:

Virgin Atlantic PlaneVirgin Airlines run a twice weekly service from London Gatwick to Havana. Their jumbo jets (747-400) will be flying approximately 400 people per trip to the land of cigar making. It takes about 10 hours to fly there and 8 1/2 to return. Prices range from about £550 for an ecconomy ticket to over £2000 if you want upper class or want to travel on popular dates.

It might seem obvious that you can't smoke on aeroplanes but Skynews reported in 2005 of a woman in court in Australia after being found at the door of an inflight aeroplane with a unlit cigarette and a lighter.

London Airports

It is important to remember that many of the cigar shops in London's airports stock Cuban cigars. Currently there is still an embargo on importing into the USA even for personal consumption. Remember to smoke your precious Cuban cigars before returning.


The far corner of Terminal 1 has The Cigar House containing a smaller range of Cuban and non-Cuban cigars, this is currently closed.

Terminal 2 is currently closed.

Travellers from Terminal 3 have the choice of 2 options. If you are travelling out of the EU then the World Duty Free Shop is recommended. Alternatively visit the The Cigar House in front of the entrance to the departure gates which has a good range of cigars and accessories.

The cigars at Terminal 4 are also supplied by The Cigar House.

Terminal 5 is the new British Airways terminal and has a Cigar House with a selection of over 300 cigars.


As you pass out of the security check World of Whiskies on the right. At the back of the shop are 2 cuboard sized humidors stocked with glass fronts to show off the cigars. There is a variety of boxes for the more well known brands such as Montecristo, Bolivar and Cohiba. A range of sizes are available at a reasonable price. Some packets of 3 and single tubed cigars are also available and a variety of non cuban cigars such as the Santa Dominia and the Davidoff are supplied for travellers to the USA. The large duty free shop has an alternative selection.

World of whiskies also has a slightly larger branch in the North terminal.

London City

London City Airport has the Aelia duty free shop with a cupboard humidor and a small selection of cigars including tubed cigars.


Luton Airport also has a World of Whiskies shop but this has not yet been visited.


Stanstead airports yet again has a World of Whiskies shop with a small but varied selection of cigars.

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