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Cigar Miscellaneous

Well there is really no other name for it, here's some cigar related bits and pieces found around the internet.

Cigar Floats

Abel Reels produce a fishing lure in the style of a burning Figurado of course this should be the only kind of cigar that you should be throwing in the river.

Cigar Box Guitars

Cigar Box Guitars LogoIf you have a few cigar boxes spare then perhaps you could start making music with them.

Cardboard Cigar

Recently seen in an antique toy shop in Copenhagen, a cigar that looks like it's toy made of tin but is actually a cardboard candy container from about 1915-20, made in Dresden, Germany.

Wooden Cigars

With the increase in smoking bans around the world perhaps soon we will all have wooden cigars.

Cigar Animation

Anyone can be an aficionado, even a small plastic toy, but his friends don't appear to be all that keen.

Watch the video

Cigar Dispenser

Wooden Polynesian Idol Cigar Dispenser This polynesian idol dispenses cigars and rolls his eyes when you press his head. The idol is part of the About Cigars exhibition at Guinevere Antiques.

Cigar Accessories

Cigar Phone

Aficionado of Cigars has discovered the ultimate in cigar related accessories, the cigar mobile phone. Unfortunately this hand painted custom design is now kept in the museum of Global Information Highway and has a price beyond asking.

Lego Cigars

Lego Cigar and Whisky by Bruce Lowell

Bruce Lowell has created this amazing pair of cigars and whisky decanter from standard lego components

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