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Cigar News 2008

2008 News

With the introduction of a smoking ban in the Netherlands people are no longer allowed to smoke tobacco in pubs and cafes. However in specific venue the smoking of marijuana is allowed as long as it's not mixed with tobacco.

The Metropolitan Police have forced London Mayor Boris Johnson to hand over half of a red leather cigar case. The case belonged to Iraq's former deputy prime minister Tariq Aziz and Mr Johnson had found the bottom of it in the rubble of Mr Aziz's house in Baghdad. It is described as a culturally significant item. Under the UN Sanctions Order 2003, all such items should be handed to the police for analysis. Mr Johnson states that the people who, after reading his article in the Telegraph suggested he should be prosecuted, are wasting police time. He did not want to make a fuss and hence handed over the item.

At 1st Choice Cufflinks you will find a selection of cigar themed cufflinks that are pleasing on the eye and make excellent fashion accessories. Among their eye-catching collection are these three sets of cufflinks that are guaranteed to impress your fellow cigar smokers.

Cuban Cigar Cufflinks Cuban's Finest Cigar Cufflinks Churchill Cufflinks

Aficionado of Cigars has been provided with some of the new Navarre cigars, a review will be appearing here shortly.

With Fidel Castro stepping down as Cuban President, there is a possibility for trade talks to start between the USA and Cuba. This raises the question of what would happen to cigar production and distribution if Cuba started supplying the USA? Aficionado of Cigars speculates that initially at least, other countries would suffer as Cuba tried to keep up with the new demand of their neighbour?

This year will see some more local specials on sale, these will likely be available in the summer. There are also rumours of another cigar party and some aged cigars from H&F

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